Продам новый / новодельный винил (Обновил 11.02)


Продам новый / новодельный винил (Обновил 11.02)

Непрочитанное сообщение kolos » 21 апр 2019, 14:02

[size=medium]Весь список[/size]

36 Crazyfists / Collisions and castaways S/S [s]15€[/s] 10€
36 Crazyfists / Bitterness the star (red vinyl, insert,lim.500, numbered, first press) S/S 25€
A-HA / Cast in steel (download code) S/S 18€
Aborted / Retrogore (LP+CD, FOC, poster) S/S 20€ NEW
Accept / Blind rage (2LPs, FOC, green vinyl, NO sticker) S/S 30€
AC/DC / Rock or bust (LP+CD) S/S 22€
AC/DC / Ballbreaker S(NM-)/S 18€
Airbourne / Runnin' wild S/S 35€
Alan Parsons / Try anything once (2LPs, FOC, lim.1000, colored vinyl) S/S 35€ SOLD OUT
Alanis Morissette / Under rug swept (transparent blue vinyl, No.X/2000) S/S 25€
Alice Cooper / Dragontown (limited to 500 copies, NOTVD) 2001 S / S 200$
Alice Cooper / Along came a spider (FOC) 2008 S-/S- 90€ (на заказ)
Alice Cooper / The eyes of Alice Cooper (transparent vinyl, lim.500) S/S 20€
Alice Cooper / Brutal Planet (gold vinyl, lim.500) S/S 20€
Alice Cooper / Paranormal 2LPs, FOC, red vinyl, lim.2000(?), indie exclusive(?) S/S 50€ (на заказ)
Alice In chains / Dirt 1992(2009)S/S 25€
Alice in chains / Black gives way to blue (2LPs, FOC, blue translucent vinyl, lim.1000) 2009 S/S 35€ (на заказ)
Alice In Chains / Unplugged (2LPs, FOC) S/S 35€ NEW (будет позже)
Alicia Keys / As I am (2LPs) S/S 27€ NEW (будет позже)
Alter Bridge / The last hero (2LPs, FOC, silver vinyl, lim.200) S/S 35€ (на заказ)
Alter Bridge / III (2LPs) S/S 220€ (на заказ)
Amon Amarth / Once sent from the golden hall (2LPs) S/S 22€
Anathema / Eternity (2LPs, FOC, Booklet, Svart Records, Alternative Cover) S/S 25€
Animals as leaders / Animals as leaders (2LPs, silver vinyl, lim.500, remastered, silver series) S/S 3€
Animals as leaders / Weightless (silver vinyl, lim.500, remastered, silver series) S/S 33€
Annihilator / Alice in hell 1989 2007 S(NM-)/S 20€ SOLD OUT
Annihilator / Never, neverland S/S 20€
Anthrax / Worship music (2LPs, FOC, Picture Vinyl) S/S 22€
Art of anarchy / Art of anarchy (Scott Weiland from Stone Temple Pilots, John Moyer from Disturbed, Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal from Guns'n'roses) S/S 20€ (на заказ)
Asphyx / Asphyx (NOTVD, envelope cover, lyrics insert, No.180/500, handnumbered) M/M NM/M 80€ (на заказ)
At the gates / At war with reality 2x10"MiniLPs, lim.1000, boxset S/S 30€ [/b] NEW (будет позже)
Axel Rudi Pell / Mystica (2LPs, blue vinyl, FOC, limited edition) 2006 S/S 30€
Axel Rudi Pell / The Ballads Vol IV (2LPs, coloured vinyl, FOC, lim. Edition) 2011 S/S 65€
Axel Rudi Pell / Circle of the oath (2LPs, blue marbled vinyl, FOC) 2012 S/S 25€
Axel rudi Pell / Circle of the oath (BOX, 2LPs, blue marbled vinyl, CD-DIGI, Poster, Postcard, Sticker, Mousepad, Pen) S/S 35€
Axel Rudi Pell / The masquerade ball (2LPs, FOC) 24€
Avantasia / Ghostlights (2LPs, FOC, yellow vinyl) S/S 25€
Avulsed / Goresplattered suicide (NOTVD, red vinyl, with banderole, No.240/350) 2008 NM/NM 40€(на заказ)
Belphegor / Bondage goat Zombie (lim.1000, No.) 2008 S/S 40€
Belphegor / Walpurgis rites – Hexenwahn (Picture-LP, FOC No. 0954/1000) M/M 35€
Benediction / Grind Bastard (2LPs, red+purple vinyl, lim.150, insert) M/M 26€
Benediction / The dreams you dread (gold vinyl, lim.200) S/S 20€
Benediction Transcend the rubicon S/S 20€
Benediction / The grand leveler (FOC, red/black flamed vinyl, lim.100) 2010 S/S 50€ (на заказ)
Bill Wyman / Back to basics (red vinyl, lim.1000, numbered) S/S 22€ SOLD OUT
Billy Talent / Billy Talent S/S 20€
Black Label Society / Order of the black (2LPs, FOC) S(NM-)/S 22€
Black Label Society / Order of the black (2LPs, FOC) S/S 25€
Black Label Society / Hangover music vol. VI (2LPs, FOC, orange vinyl, lim.500) S/S 22€
Black Label Society / Mafia (2LPs, FOC, silver vinyl, lim.500) S/S 22€
Black Label Society / Sonic brew (2LPs, transparent vinyl, lim.500) S/S 22€
Blackmore's Night / The village lanterne (2LPs, limited edition) 2006 S / S 40€ SOLD OUT
Blackmore's night / Dancer and the moon (2LPs, FOC) S/S 33€
Blackmore's Night / All our yesterdays (BOX, https://www.discogs.com/de/Blackmores-N ... se/7490745) S/S 60€ (на заказ)
Blind Guardian / A Voice In The Dark (10"Single, Picture-LP) S/S 14€
Blind Guardian / Beyond the red mirror (2LPs, FOC, yellow vinyl, lim.300) 2015 S/S 33€ SOLD OUT
Blood of Kingu / Dark Star On The Right Horn Of Crescent Moon (Ukraine, Charkow, Saenko) M/M 22€
Bon Jovi / Bounce S/S 20€ NEW
Brainstorm / Memorial roots (2LPs) 2009 S / S 22€
Brant Bjork / Punk Rock guilt (2LPs, FOC, black?) S/S 25€ (будет позже)
Brant Bjork / Gods & Goddesses (Repress with different artwork) S/S 25€
Cancer Bats / Bears, Mayors, Scraps & Bones S/S [s]15€[/s] 10€
Carcass / Surgical steel (2LPs, FOC, silver vinyl, VIP EDITION, No.69/100) S/S 100€ (на заказ)
Carnivore / Carnivore (red vinyl, lim.1000, numbered, embossed Carnivore logo) S/S 22€ SOLD OUT
Carnivore / Same (2LPs, FOC, alternative cover) 2013 EX++/M 27€ (на заказ) SOLD OUT
Catherine Wheel / Ferment orange/gold mixed vinyl, No.x/1500 S/S 33€ (на заказ)
Cavalera Conspiracy / Blunt force trauma 2011 S/S 22€ SOLD OUT
Celestial Season / Solar Lovers M/M 20€
Children of bodom / Something wild (FOC, red vinyl, lim. 1500) 2008 S/S 50€ (на заказ)
Chimaira / The Infection (2LPs, FOC) M/M 18€
Chrome division / Infernal rock eternal (2LPs, FOC, Dimmu Burgir) S/S 18€
Civil War / The last full measure (2LPs, FOC) S/S 24€
Clutch / Psychic Warfare (FOC) S/S 20€ NEW
Corrosion of conformity / In The Arms Of God (2LPs, FOC, red vinyl, 1st press) S/S 27€ NEW (будет позже)
Cradle of filth / Thornography (2LPs) 2006 S / S 22€
Cryptopsy / Whisper Supremacy (silver vinyl, lim.400) M/M 20€ NEW (будет позже)
Cult of luna / Vertical (2LPs, FOC, lim.1000, RSD-Release) 2013 S/S 33€
Dark Tranquility / Of chaos and eternal night (NOTVD, No.x/500, handnumbered) 30€(на заказ)
Dark Tranquillity / Charakter (Picture-LP, FOC, lim.400) S/S 25€
David Bowie / Heathen S/S 22€
Death Angel / The evil divide (2LPs, FOC, silver vinyl, lim.200) S/S 33€ (на заказ)
Decapitated / Carnival is forever (FOC, примят угол) S(NM-)/S 30€
Deep Purple / Rapture of the deep (2LPs, FOC) NM/NM 25€ (пластинки имеют кривизну)
Deep Purple / The battle rages on 2013(1992) S/S 25€
Deep Purple / Purpendicular (2LPs) S/S 27€
Deep Purple / They all came down to Montreux (2LPs, FOC, lilac vinyl) S/S 22€
Deep Purple / Now what?! (2LPs, FOC) S/S S/S 22€ (будет позже)
Deicide / Once upon the cross 1995(2011)S/S 20€ SOLD OUT
Deicide / Serpents of the light S/S 20€ SOLD OUT
Deicide / In the minds of evil S(NM-)/S 20€
Depeche Mode / Speak & Spell 2007 EX+ / EX+ 15€
Depeche Mode / Songs of faith and devotion (FOC, Insert) S/S 27€ SOLD OUT
Depeche Mode / Playing the angel (2LPs, FOC, Insert) S/S 30€
Destruction / Inventor of evil (2LPs, clear/red splatter vinyl, limited to 250 copies, SOLD OUT) 2005 S/S 60€ (на заказ)
Destruction / Under attack (2LPs, FOC, yellow vinyl, lim.500) S/S 22€
Dimmu Borgir / In sorte diaboli (FOC) S/S 18€
Dismember / Pieces (Pic-LP) 33€ (на заказ)
Disturbed / Indestructible S/S 20€ NEW
Disturbed / The sickness S/S 20€ NEW
Dokken / Broken Bones (NOTVD, No.86/333) NM-/NM- 40€ (на заказ)
Down / Diary of a madband (3LPs, triple gatefold) S/S [s]28€[/s]25€
Down / IV - Part 1 The purple EP S/S 18€
Dozer / Through the eyes of the heathens (gold vinyl, lim.500) S/S 35€
Dozer / Beyond Colossal (clear vinyl, lim.500) S/S 33,33€
Dream Theater / Black clouds and silver linings (2LPs, FOC) 35€ SOLD OUT
Dream Theater / A dramatic turn of events (2LPs, FOC) S/S 33€
Dream Theater / Systematic Chaos (2LPs, FOC) S/S 40€ LAST COPY
Dream Theater / Images and words 1992(2013)S/S 25€
Dream Theater / Train of thought (2LPs) 2003(2014)S/S 30€
Dream Theater / Awake (2LPs, silver vinyl, insert, No.x/2000)S/S 35€
Dying Fetus / History repeats... (NOTVD , EP, marbled vinyl, No.x/400, handnumbered, both sides reverse play) NM/NM 30€
Duff McKagan / Believe in me (yellow vinyl, No.x/1000) S/S 22€
Edguy / Rocket Ride (2LPs, FOC) 2006 NM- / NM 30€
Edguy / Defenders of the crown (2LPs, FOC, SIGNED by all except Tobias Sammet) NM/M 60€ (на заказ)
Elegy / Labyrinth of dreams (NOTVD,yellow vinyl, lim.222, handnumbered) M/M 35€ (на заказ)
ELF / Trying to burn the sun (Burning Sun' coloured vinyl, No.x/1000, DIO) S/S 25€
Enslaved / Vertebrae (2LPs, white vinyl, lim.1000) S/S 22€
Enthroned / Pentagrammaton (FOC, lim.500(?)) M/M 18€
Ethereal Riffian / Aeonian (FOC, 48-page DIN A4 book, 4-page insert, lim.400/500, UA) S/S 22€
Epica / The quantum enigma (2LPs, FOC) S/S 22€ SOLD OUT
Epica / The holographic principle (2LPs, FOC, red vinyl, lim.300) S/S 22€
Equilibrium Armageddon (2LPs, FOC)S/S 22€
Exodus / Blood in, blood out (2LPs, FOC, clear vinyl, lim.300) S/S 33,33€ (будет позже) SOLD OUT
Extreme / III sides to every story (2LPs, FOC, moss green vinyl, Insert, No.x/1000) S/S 35€
Fates Warning / Theories of Flight (2LPs+CD, FOC, SIGNED Ray Alder, Jim Matheos, Bobby Jarzombek, Joey Vera) NM/M 60€ (на заказ)
Faith No More / Angel dust (2LPs, FOC) S/S 30€
Faith No More / Album of the year S/S 25€
Fear Factory / Digimortal S/S 30€ [/color] SOLD OUT
Fleshgod apocalypse / Labirynth (2LPs, FOC, NOTVD, lim.350) 2013 2014 S(NM-)/S (на заказ) Цена по запросу
Fleshgod apocalypse / Agony (2LPs, FOC, NOTVD, 3D-Cover, No.x/350, handnumbered) M/M (на заказ) Цена по запросу
Fleshgod apocalypse / King (red vinyl, lim.500) S/S 20€
Freedom Call / Legend of the shadowking (2LPs, blue vinyl, FOC, lim. Edition) 2010 S/S 22€
Freedom Call / Land of the crimson dawn (2LPs, yellow vinyl, FOC) 2011 S/S 22€
Gary Moore / Bad for you Baby (2LPs, transparent blue vinyl, Nox.x/1500) S/S 30€ NEW
Glassjaw / Everything you ever wanted to know about silence S/S 16€
Gojira / L'enfant sauvage (2LPs, FOC) 2012 S/S 33,33€
Golden Earring / The hague (10", red vinyl, lim.1500, numbered) S/S 20€ SOLD OUT
Golden Earring / Tits'n ass (2LPs, FOC, blue black white mixed vinyl, No.x/1000) S S 35€
Gorefest / False S/S 30€
Gorefest / Mindloss (2LPs, colored vinyl, +Demos) M/M 30€
Gorguts / From Wisdom To Hate LP+CD, silver vinyl, lim.200 S/S 25€ NEW
Gotthard / Bang! (2LPs, FOC, SIGNED by Leo Leoni, Freddy Scherer, Marc Lynn and Ernesto Ghezzi) NM/M (на заказ)
Grand Magus / Hammer of the north (FOC) S/S 22€ LAST COPY SOLD OUT
Grave / As rapture comes (lim.200, handnumbered) S/S 20€
Grave / You'll never see (clear vinyl, lim.200) S/S 20€ NEW
Grave / Out of respect for the dead (LP, inlay, poster) S/S 20€ [NEW
Grave Digger / Excalibur (2LPs, FOC, blue vinyl, lim.1000) S/S 30€ SOLD OUT LAST COPY
Grave Digger / Heart of darkness (2LPs, FOC, red vinyl) S/S 30€ SOLD OUT LAST COPY
Grave Digger / The reaper (2LPs, FOC, Colored vinyl) S/S 26€
Graveyard / Lights out (FOC) S/S 19€
Guns'n'roses / Chinese Democracy (2LPs, FOC) EX-/NM 15€
Hammerfall / (r)Evolution (2LPs, FOC, green vinyl, No.x/300) 30€
Hardcore superstar / HCSS (FOC)S/S 33€
Hammerfall / Built to last (FOC) S/S 20€
Heaven and hell / The Devil you know (2LPs, Poster, FOC, DIO, Tony Iommi, Black Sabbath) 2009 S(NM-) / S 35€ LAST COPY SOLD OUT (состояние, разорвана клеенка слева, волнистый стикер на клеенке, конверт почти как новый)
Heaven & Hell / Neon Nights - Live at Wacken (2LPs, FOC, clear vinyl) S/S 20€ NEW
Helloween / Straight out of hell (2LPs, FOC) S/S 30€
Helloween / Rabbit don't come easy (2LPs, FOC, orange vinyl, No.x/300, special edition) S/S 33€ NEW (будет позже)
Hicks Kinison / Devour Their Hearts (NOTVD, vertical opening gatefold cover, No.x/250, handnumbered) NM/NM 30€ (на заказ)
Him / XX: Two decades of love metal (2LPs, FOC) S/S 35€ SOLD OUT
Hypocrisy / End of disclosure (LP + 7" EP, FOC) S/S 22€
Iced Earth / Iced Earth (FOC, transparent green vinyl, lim.400, poster) S S 22€ NEW
Iced Earth / Horror show (2LPs, FOC, silver vinyl, lim.400, poster) S/S 25€ NEW
Iced Earth / Days of purgatory (3LPs, FOC, transparent orange vinyl, lim.400, poster) S/S 30€ NEW
Isis / In the absence of truth (2LPs, 2014) M/M 35€ (на заказ)
Jeff Buckley / Grace (remastered) 2009 S(EX)/S 18€
Jerry Cantrell / Degradation trip (2LPS, FOC, insert, transparent green vinyl, No.x/1500) S/S 35€SOLD OUT
Kataklysm / Cross the line of redemption (7“-Picture) NM/NM 10$
Kataklysm / Heaven's venom (FOC) EX+/M 15€
Killswitch Engage / Disarm the descent (FOC) 2013 S/S 15€
King Diamond / Them 1988(2007)S/S 25€ SOLD OUT
King Diamond / Abigail II: The Revenge (2LPs, violet vinyl, lim. 500) 2002(12) S/S 40€(на заказ)
King Diamond / Abigail (insert) S/S 22€
King Diamond / Give me your soul... please (1st press) 2007 M/M 50€ (на заказ)
Kingston Wall / I (2LPs, FOC, clear vinyl, lim.500) 90€
Kingston Wall / II (2LPs, FOC, clear vinyl, lim.500) 90€ SOLD OUT
Kiss / Monster (FOC) 2012 S/S 22€
Knight Area / Heaven and beyond (2LPs, FOC, silver/black vinyl, no.x/500, download code) S/S 30€ (на заказ)
Korn / Korn III: Remember who you are 2010 S/S 25€ SOLD OUT
Krisiun / Black Force Domain (first press) S/S 20€ NEW
Krisiun / Apocalyptic Revelation (first press) S/S 20€ NEW
Krisiun / Conquerors Of Armageddon transparent red vinyl, lim.100 S/S 25€ NEW
Kula Shaker / K (LP+7", both black) 2011 S/S 33€ SOLD OUT
Kvelertak / Meir (2LPs, FOC) S/S 22€
Kyuss / Welcome to sky valley (180gr) S/S 33€ SOLD OUT
Kyuss / …And the circus leaves town S/S 33€ SOLD OUT
Lynyrd Skynyrd / Last of a dyin' breed 22€
Lacrimosa Hoffnung (NOTVD, 2Lps, FOC, insert, screen-print on side D, lim.333, handnumbered) NM/NM 150€ (на заказ)
Lacrimosa / Revolution (FOC, No.x/333, incl. posterflag) NM/NM 100€ (на заказ)
Lamb of god / Resolution (2LPs, FOC) S/S 22€
Lenny Kravitz / Black and white America (2LPs, FOC) S/S 22€
Lingua mortis orchestra(=Rage) / LMO (2LPs, FOC) S/S 22€
Machine Head / Unto the locust (2LPs, FOC) S/S 40€ OLD OUT
Machine head / Bloodstone & Diamonds (2LPs, FOC, yellow vinyl, lim.300) S/S 33€ SOLD OUT
Magnum / Brand new morning (2LPs, FOC, blue vinyl) 2011 S/S 60€
Magnum / The visitation (2LPs, FOC, yellow vinyl) 2011 S/S 25€
Malevolent Creation / Warkult (NOTVD, No.x/500, handnumbered) NM-/NM 35€
Malevolent Creation / Dead man's path (LP+CD, inlay, poster) S/S 20€ NEW
Marduk / Opus Nocturne (PicLP, lim.500(?)) 2008 NM/NM 15€
Marduk / Nightwing (PicLP, lim.500) 2010 NM/NM 15€
Marillion / Sound that can't be made (2LPs, FOC ) S/S 28€ (на заказ)
Marillion / Afraid of sunlight S(NM-)/S 40€ (на заказ)
Marty Friedman / Wall of sound (lim.100, MEGADETH) S/S 25€ NEW (на заказ)
Masterplan / Novum Initium 18€
Mastodon / The hunter 2011 S/S 20€
Megadeth / Endgame (FOC) 2009 S/S 45€ SOLD OUT LAST COPY
Megadeth / United abominations 45€ SOLD OUT LAST COPY
Megadeth / TH1RT3EN (2LPs, FOC) S/S 25€
Megadeth / The system has failed (1st press) S/S 25€
Megadeth / The system has failed (orange vinyl, insert, No.x/1000) S/S 27€ (будет позже)
Meliah Rage / Barely Human (NOTVD, No.x/250, handnumbered) NM/NM 30€ (на заказ)
Melechesh / Enki (2LPs, FOC, red vinyl, lim.100) 40€ (на заказ)
Mercyful Fate / 9 (grey vinyl) NM/NM 20€ SOLD OUT
Mercyful fate / Dead again (2LPs, FOC) S/S 22€
Molly Hatchet / Silent reign of heroes (2LPs, FOC) S/S 20€
Monster Magnet / Dopes to infinity (2LPs, FOC, US) S/S 40€
Motörhead / Inferno (2LPs) 2004 S / S 25€
Motorhead / Bastards M/M 18€ (будет позже)
Mr. Big / ...The Stories We Could Tell (2LPs, lim.600) S(NM-)/S 40€ (на заказ)
Municipal Waste / The fatal feast (FOC) S/S 20€
My Dying bride / 34.788% complete (Svart Records) M/M 22€ SOLD OUT
My Dying Bride / The light at the end of the world (2LPs, NOTVD, splatter vinyl, lim.500) 2009 NM/NM 100€(на заказ)
My solid ground / My solid ground (FOC, Turquoise Vinyl, Download code, lim.500) 1971 2015 S/S 27€ SOLD OUT
Nails / You will never be one of us (gold vinyl, lim.300) S/S 35€ (на заказ)
Napalm Death / Time Waits for no slave (clear vinyl, No.199/200) S/S 22€
Napalm Death / Smear Campaign (clear vinyl, No.124/200) S/S 22€
Nazareth / Move Me (2LPs, FOC, lim.1000) S/S 30€ (будет позже)
Nazareth / Boogaloo (2LPs, FOC, white vinyl, lim.1000, 1st press) S/S 33€
Nazareth / No Jive (FOC, lim.1000) S/S 30€
Nickelback / Here and now S/S 20€
Nightwish / Dark Passion play (2xPicture-LPs, limited Edition, 1st press, FOC) 2007 S(M-) / S 40€ LAST COPY
Nightwish / The Islander (PictureLP, 12*Vinyl, Single, Limited Edition, 2000 copies) 2008 S / S 13€
Nightwish / The Siren (10"Mini-LP, FOC) S/S 13€
Nightwish / Imaginaerum (2LPs, FOC) 2012(2013)S/S 24€
Nightwish / Dark Passion Play (2LPs, FOC) 2007(2013) S/S 24€
Nightwish / Endless forms most beautiful (2LPs, FOC, light blue vinyl, No.x/300) 35€ SOLD OUT
Nile / What should not be unearthed (2LPs, FOC, dark green vinyl, lim.200) S/S 25€
Nocturnal Rites / In a time of blood and fire (No.128/250) NM-/NM 40€(на заказ)
Obituary / Frozen in time 2005(11) S/S 22€ SOLD OUT
Obituary / The end complete 1992(2007) S/S 25€ SOLD OUT
Obituary / World demise S/S 30€ LAST COPY SOLD OUT
Obituary / Cause of death S/S 35€ SOLD OUT
Obituary / Cause of death S(EX) S 30€ [/color] SOLD OUT
Obituary / Slowly we rot (VG+)/S 25€ SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
Opeth / Damnation 40€ SOLD OUT
Opeth / Heritage (2LPs, FOC) 2011 S/S 33€
Opeth / Ghost reveries (2LPs, FOC, A2 Poster) S/S 25€
Opeth / My arms your hearse (2LPs, FOC) 1998(2008)S/S 30€
Opeth / Blackwater Park (2LPs, FOC, 8-page booklet) S/ 33€
Opeth / Deliverance (2LPs) S/S 50€SOLD OUT
Opeth / Sorceress (2LPs, FOC, red vinyl, lim.300) S/S 30€ LAST COPY
Our lady peace / Naveed (transparent mixed with a hint of black vinyl, insert, No.x/1000) S/S 22€
Overkill / Killbox 13 (2LPs, FOC, lim.1000) 2012 S/S 30€
Overkill / Relix IV (2LPs, FOC, lim.1000) 2013 S/S 30€
Overkill / White devil armory (2LPs, FOC, yellow vinyl, lim.100, V.I.P., Bronze status) S/S 60€ (на заказ)
Overkill / White devil armory (2LPs, FOC, red vinyl, lim.300) S/S 33€ LAST COPY
Overkill / Killbox (No.x/500, photocards) NM-/ NM- 60€(на заказ)
Overkill / The grinding wheel (2LPs, FOC, yellow vinyl, lim.300) S/S 30€ (на заказ)
Overkill / I hear black (transparent clear vinyl, insert, lim.100) S/S 35€ (на заказ)
Panzer / Send them all to hell (2LPs, FOC, Stefan Schwarzmann, Herman Frank, Schmier, Destruction, Accept) S/S 16€
Papa Roach Crooked Teeth (white vinyl, small seamsplit) NM-/M 20€
Paradise Lost / Symphony for the lost (2LPs+DVD, FOC, booklet) S/S 22€ NEW
Paradise Lost / Tragic Idol (LP+CD, FOC, lilac vinyl, lim.200) S/S 22€ NEW
Paradise Lost / Faith Divides Us (LP+CD, FOC, silver vinyl, lim.200) S/S 22€ NEW
Pet Shop Boys / Elysium (2LPs, FOC, lim.1000) S/S 22€ NEW
Pulp / Different class (insert) S/S 33€ NEW (будет позже)
Purgatory / DEATHKVLT - Grand Ancient Arts (FOC, lim.300(500)) M/M 18€
Pyrexia / Sermon Of Mockery (2LPs, FOC, transparent orange, lim.200) S/S 30€ NEW
Queensryche / Promised Land (FOC) S/S 24€ NEW
Rage / Unity (FOC) M/M 25€
Rage / 21 (2LPs, FOC, red vinyl) S/S 22€
Rage / Carved in stone (залом на конверте) 2008 VG+/NM 20€
Rage / The devil strikes again (2LPs, FOC, white vinyl, lim.300) S/S 22€ NEW
Resurrected / Endless sea of loss (splatter vinyl) M/M 12€
Risin Sabotage / Risin Sabotage (gold vinyl, lim.300, UA) S/S 22€ (на заказ)
Rob Zombie / Hellbilly Deluxe 2 30€
Roger Waters / Hello (I love you) (10"EP, green vinyl, lim.1000) S/S 15€
Roxette / Good karma S/S 20€
Running Wild / Shadowmaker (2LPs, clear vinyl, FOC) 2012 S/S 22€
Running Wild / Shadowmaker (2LPs, FOC, black/white-marbled, lim.300, small dent upper left corner) S(NM-)/S 30€
Running Wild / Rapid Foray (2LPs+CD, FOC, yellow vinyl, lim.200, bumped corner+innersleeves) 2016 NM--/M 22€
Rush / Clockwork angels (2LPs, FOC, Booklet) 2012(13) S/S 25€
Rush / Moving pictures: Live 2011 15€
Sade / Love Deluxe S/S 25€
Sasquatch / II (clear vinyl, lim.500) S/S 22€
Satan's Host / Celebration: For The love of Satan (2LPs, FOC) M/M 15€
Saxon / Saxon (Picture-LP, Limited Edition) 2005 M / M 20$
Sepultura / A-lex (2LPs, FOC) 2009 S/S 22€
Sepultura / Chaos A.D S/S 30€ LAST COPY SOLD OUT (на заказ)
Scorpions / Sting in the tail S/S [s]22€[/s] 20€ LAST COPY
Sevdaliza / Ison (2LPs, FOC, white ivory vinyl, No.x/1000) S/S 30€
Siena Root / Pioneers (FOC, green vinyl, lim.300) 2014 S/S 22€
Sinister / The silent howling (FOC, No.x/350, handnumbered, NOTVD) 2012 NM/NM 35€ (на заказ)
Sinister / Diabolical summoning (swamp green vinyl) S/S 20€
Sinister / Afterburner (Insert) M/M 20€
Sinister / Agressive measures M/M 20€
Sinister / Syncretism S/S 25€
Skanska Mord / Paths To Charon (lim.500, color unknown) S/S 27€ (на заказ)
Slash / Apocalyptic Love (2LPs, FOC) S/S 25€
Slash / Slash (2LPS, FOC, small damage on cover, fotos upon request) S(EX) S 20€ SOLD OUT
Slayer / Repentless (BOX) S/S 55€(на заказ)
Slipknot / All hope is gone (2LPs, FOC) S/S 33€
Sodom / In war and pieces (2LPs, FOC, blood red vinyl) 2010 S/S 22€
Sodom / 'Till death do us unite (2LPs, FOC, white vinyl, lim.500) 2014 S/S 33€
Sodom / Masquerade in blood (transparent clear vinyl, insert, lim.100) M/M 55€ (на заказ)
Sonata Arctica / Pariah's child (2LPs, FOC) 2014 S/S 22€
Sonata Arctica / Pariah's child (2LPs, FOC,залом на конверте) 2014 EX/M [s]19€[/s] 15€
Sonata Arctica / Ecliptica - Revisited (2LPs, FOC, light blue vinyl, lim.300) S/S 25€
Sonata Arctica / Ecliptica - Revisited (2LPs, FOC, light blue vinyl, lim.300, SIGNED by Tony Kakko, Elias Viljanen, Pasi Kauppinen, Henrik Klingenberg & Tommy Portimo) NM/M (на заказ)
Sonata Arctica / Pariah's child (2LPs, FOC, SIGNED by Tony Kakko, Elias Viljanen, Pasi Kauppinen, Henrik Klingenberg & Tommy Portimo) NM/M (на заказ)
Sonata Arctica / Ecliptica - Revisited (2LPs, FOC) S/S 22€ NEW
Soulfly / Enslaved (2LPs, FOC) 2012 S/S 22€
Soulfly / Conquer 2LPs, FOC S/S 22€
Soulfly / Archangel (FOC, red vinyl, lim.165) S/S 25€
Spock's beard / Brief nocturnes and dreamless sleep (2LPs, FOC) S/S 28€
Spock's Beard / Beware of darkness (2LPs+CD, FOC, clear vinyl, lim.300) S/S 25€ NEW
Spock's beard / The kindness of strangers [2LPs+CD, FOC, clear vinyl, lim.300] S/S 25€ NEW
Spock's beard / Day for night (2LPs+CD, FOC, clear vinyl, lim.300) S/S 25€ NEW
Spock's beard / Brief nocturnes and dreamless sleep 2LPs+2CDs, clear vinyl S/S 33€ (на заказ)
Stone Sour / Stone Sour (FOC, crystal clear/tip of black, lim.1500, numbered, 1st press) S/S 30€ SOLD OUT
Stoned Jesus / Seven Thunders Roar (FOC, lim.400/500, UKRAINE) M/M 25€(на заказ)
Stratovarius / Eternal S/S 20€ NEW (будет позже)
Suffocation / Pinnacle of bedlam (FOC, orange vinyl, lim.250) S/S 25€
Suicide Silence / The Cleansing (LP+CD, neon yellow vinyl, lim.200) S/S 30€ NEW
Swervedriver / Mezcal Head (transparent with a hint of gold vinyl, insert, No.x/1500, RSD) S/S 27€ NEW (будет позже)
Tankard / A girl called Cerveza (2LPs, FOC, Beige vinyl, poster, lim. 200) S/S 25€
Testament / Dark roots of Earth (2LPs, FOC, Gold Vinyl, lim.200) S/S 40€
Testament / The formation of damnation (FOC, Picture-LP, 1st press) S/S 30€
Testament / Brotherhood of the snake (2LPs, FOC, red vinyl, lim.300) S/S 23€
Testament / Low S/S 25€
The 69 eyes / Devils (2LPs, FOC, turquoise vinyl, lim.500) S/S 22€ (будет позже) [/s]
The devil wears prada / 08:18 (FOC) S/S [s]16€[/s] 13€
The flower kings / Unfold the future {3LPs+2CDs, FOC, light blue vinyl, poster] S/S 33€ NEW
The Rasmus / Dark Matters (transparent vinyl) S(NM-)/S 20€[/s]
The Re-stoned / Analog (purple vinyl, lim.200) S/S 33€ (на заказ)
The Veils / Sun gangs (transparent green, solid white & black mixed vinyl, No.x/1000) S/S 22€
The Veils / The runaway found (first time on vinyl, lim.1000) S/S 22€
The Veils / Nux Vomica (White & Black mixed vinyl, No.x/1000) S/S 22€
Therapy? / Nurse (gold/red mixed vinyl, No.x/1000) S/S 22€
Therion / Symphony Masses: Ho Drakon Ho Megas S/S 25€
Therion / Theli (FOC, light blue vinyl, lim.200) S/S 40€ (на заказ)
Tiamat / Amanethes (2LPs) S/S 25€
Tiamat Skeleton skeletron (purple vinyl) M/M 20€
Tiamat Judas Christ (clear Vinyl) M/M 20€
Tiamat Prey (silver vinyl) M/M 20€
Timo Tolkki's Avalon / The Land Of New Hope - A Metal Opera (2LPs, lim.700) S(NM-)/S 35€ (на заказ)
Turnaround / Black soul woman (UA) S/S 22€ NEW (на заказ)
Type O Negative / Dead Again (BOX, 2 red vinyl + 1black vinyl, Booklet, T-Shirt) S/ S 100€
Type o negative / The least worst of (2LPs, FOC) S(NM-)/S 18€ NEW
U.D.O / Decadent (2Ls, FOC, clear vinyl, lim.500) S/S 33,33€
Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats / Blood Lust S/S 30€
Unleashed / Hammer battalion (FOC) S/S 20€
Untimely Demise / Systematic Eradication (NO.x/250, handnumbered) M/M 25€ (на заказ)
Uriah Heep / Logical Revelations (2LPs, FOC, No. x/1000) S/S 25€
Uriah Heep / Outsider (FOC, blue vinyl) S/S 35€
Uriah Heep / Living the dream (FOC, SIGNED by all) NM/NM
Virgin Steele / The black light Bacchanalia (BOX, 3xLPs+CD, booklet, poster...) S/S 30€ (на заказ)
Virgin Steele / Life among the ruins (2LPs, purple vinyl, booklet, No.x)/400, handnumbered) 50€ (на заказ)
Vital Remains / Icons of evil (2LPs, FOC) S/S 20€ NEW
Voivod / Target Earth (2LPs, FOC) S/S 22€
Wizard / Of Wariwulfs And Bluotvarwes (FOC, lim 500, No. ) S/S 16€
Wishbone Ash / Elegant stealth S/S 22€
Wo Fat / The conjuring (silver vinyl, lim.500) 2014 S/S 33€ LAST COPY SOLD OUT
Wo Fat / The Black code (FOC, dark green vinyl, lim.500) S/S 33€
Zakk Wylde / Book of shadows (NOTVD, 2LPs, crystal clear/gold splatter vinyl, no.x/400, handnumbered) 150€ M/M (на заказ)
Zodiac / A bit of devil (SIGNED by Nick van Delft, Stephan Gall u. Janosch Rathmer) NM/M 35€ (на заказ)
Zodiac / Sonic Child (2LPs, FOC, lilac vinyl, lim.200) S/S 30€ (на заказ)
Zodiac / Grain of soul (FOC, golden vinyl, lim.200) M/M 20€ (на заказ)
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